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Gore "not interested" in debate with Dr. Willie Soon and Lord Christopher Monckton

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Through an email exchange between Roni Bell Sylvester, of Good Neighbor Law, and Kalee Kreider, spokesperson for Gore, it seems Gore is not interested in debating Dr. Willie Soon and Lord Christopher Monckton. Part of the email exchange follows.

March 13, 2008

Dear Mr. Al Gore,

Please consider this our formal request for you to come debate Dr. Willie Soon, at the Good Neighbor Forum. Many verifiable sources have informed us that you decline such invitations. If in fact this is true, please indulge us by explaining why. If this is not true, please indulge us by clarifying.

Good Neighbor is bias only towards sound science, fact and truth. We are not a militant, political, litigious or activist group. We are instead revolutionary in our drive to soundly educate, educate, educate. Our goal is to present entire pictures, and let the audience decide. We would be honored to clear the day, if you, Mr. Gore, would come debate Dr. Soon. If this date does not accommodate your schedule, please confirm a date and place that would. We’ll make it work! Please let us know immediately.

Thank you,
Roni Bell Sylvester

*Dr. Willie Soon – keynote speaker at the Good Neighbor Forum – was quoted in “Polar bears caught in a heated eco-debate” by Oren Dorell – U.S.A. Today, March 10, 2008.

His address “Global Warming 101- Al Gore CO2 Theory” (Good Neighbor Forum 3/15/08) was illuminating. One of Dr. Soon’s colleagues – Lord Christopher Monckton – has invited Mr. Al Gore to debate on many occasions. Mr. Gore has declined. We fail to understand why.

March 26, 2008

Dear Kalee,

After meeting Dr. Willie Soon – and researching his papers further – I fail to see any reason as to why Mr. Gore would not want to clear an hour of his schedule – and openly debate either Dr. Soon or Lord Christopher Monckton. Surely he understands the gravity behind the fact that many non-govenmental agencies and all three candidates running for president are breathlessly dreaming up more policies and treaties -based on an allegedly warming earth.

As you’re well aware, making policy based on errors (I understand scientists have now documented close to 35 in Inconvenient Truth.) will have a horrific, negative impact on everyone in the world.

Many of these policies will destroy resource production in the United States. The ripple affect will be devastating. We’ll no longer be able to stave off world hunger, let alone feed our own poor and hungry.

I believe that if Tipper and Mr. Gore had the factual science on global warming, they’d reverse their positions in a heart beat for a child.

Please pose this request to Mr. Gore directly. For I believe he will be eager to vanquish these speculations surrounding global warming, and do the right thing. Again – we will make Dr. Soon or Lord Monckton available at a location convenient to Mr. Gore – within 48 hours notice.
I look forward to hearing from you soon, with a confirmation day, place and time – for us to present either Dr. Soon or Lord Monckton.

Thank you Kalee. Your attention to this critical matter is greatly appreciated.

Roni Bell Sylvester

March 26, 2008

Thank you again for your invitation.

Mr. Gore is not interested in a debate with either Dr. Soon or Lord Monckton.

As you may know, Lord Monckton and Mr. Gore exchanged op eds in a UK paper.

We are aware of Dr. Soon’s statements.

Thank you so much for reaching out and do accept my apologies that we cannot accept your kind offer.

Cheers, Kalee

Written by climatebet

April 9th, 2008 at 10:24 am

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