The Global Warming Challenge

Evidence-based forecasting for climate change

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Lindzen on climate alarmism

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MIT professor of atmospheric science Richard Lindzen wrote in his April 25 “Thoughts on the public discourse over climate change”:

Although I have presented evidence as to why the issue is not a catastrophe and may likely be beneficial, the response is puzzlement. I am typically asked how this is possible. After all, 97% of scientists agree, several of the hottest years on record have occurred during the past 18 years, all sorts of extremes have become more common, polar bears are disappearing, as is arctic ice, etc. In brief, there is overwhelming evidence of warming, etc. I tended to be surprised that anyone could get away with such sophistry or even downright dishonesty, but it is, unfortunately, the case that this was not evident to many of my listeners. I will try in this brief article to explain why such claims are, in fact, evidence of the dishonesty of the alarmist position.

To read the rest of his op-ed, see here.

Armstrong and Soon at Doctors for Disaster Preparedness 31st Meeting

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Scott Armstrong and Willie Soon both spoke on long-term climate forecasting—Armstrong on temperatures and Soon on sea levels—on 13 and 14 July 2014 at the Doctors for Disaster Preparedness Meeting in Houston, Texas. Scott Armstrong’s talk was titled “Evidence-based forecasting for global warming” and the slides are available here. Willie Soon’s talk was titled “Five or more failed experiments in measuring global sea level change” and a video recording of it is available, here.

Both scientists describe how alarming forecasts have been derived for these poorly understood situations using complex mathematical models with many variables and judgmental adjustments. These procedures violate The Golden Rule of Forecasting, which requires forecasters to be conservative, especially in the presence of great uncertainty.

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August 1st, 2013 at 8:01 am