The Global Warming Challenge

Evidence-based forecasting for climate change

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2008 International Conference on Climate Change: Soon, Hayden, Loehle

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Track 1: Paleoclimatology (10:30-12:00pm)

Willie Soon, Ph.D
Chief Science Advisor
Science and Public Policy Institute
An Overview of Global Warming Science

Soon sought to cut through the complex science by titling his presentation “Global Warming 101.” He began speaking of the popular carbon dioxide claims by the IPCC, the same carbon dioxide (hockey-stick) theory by Al Gore that can be shown to be false. He, like many others during the conference, emphasized that carbon dioxide is instead a lag variable in the transitional period from a period of cooler temperatures to warmer temperatures. In place of carbon dioxide, Soon’s research shows that the sun is most likely the dominant driver of recorded Arctic air temperature changes – with an effect factor of at least 10 times that of carbon dioxide. In closing, Soon explained in a humorous metaphor: himself as CO2, William “Refrigerator” Perry as the sun, and Tom Brady as the climate, that CO2 (Dr. Soon) would have little effect on the climate.

Following the conference, Willie Soon was featured along with Bob Carter on the Glenn Beck show. It is available to watch below from YouTube.


Howard Hayden
Professor of Physics Emeritus
University of Connecticut, U.S.
The Overstated Role of Carbon Dioxide on Climate Change

Howard Hayden’s talk began with an analysis of global warming models, saying that the simulations are based on curve-fitting and not on basic physics, or “garbage-in, gospel-out.” Take a closer look at the famous CO2 slide presented by Al Gore and listen to his words, “you can see how well they fit together,” and “there is one relationship that is more powerful than all the others, and it is this: when there is more carbon dioxide, the temperature gets warmer.” Hayden points to the old adage and fundamental scientific principle: “correlation is not causation.” Further, humans are only responsible for 3.5% of CO2 emissions, and the biggest source is actually warm water. Astronomical effects can then be examined for warming or cooling the oceans and its relationship with CO2 emissions.

Craig Loehle, Ph.D.
National Council for Air and Stream Improvement
Detection of a 1,500-year Periodicity in a Multiproxy Climate Reconstruction


Loehle began his talk by critiquing the method of temperature reconstruction through tree rings. Given the wide variety of issues not limited to: individual trees not responding to temperature, precipitation and species growth limits, Loehle set out on his global proxy study. Using 18 data sets each 2000 years long (sea sediments, cave stalagmites, pollen, ice, etc.), a corrected global temperature was constructed. This reconstruction under 95% confidence intervals fits with a 1500 year cycle proposed by Singer & Avery that implies the recent warming is merely part of a natural trend.


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